Current ESP Select Baseball and ESP Elite Softball tryout information.

ESP SELECT Baseball & ELITE Softball 2019-2020

9U - 18U Baseball & Softball Tryouts

Organized by ESP Founder Tadd Gibson

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ESP Select Baseball & ESP Elite Softball offer a unique opportunity to join one of the top competitive baseball & softball programs in the area at the 10u -18u levels. We will have our max of approximately 25 teams for the 2019-2020 season!!! ESP Select Baseball & Elite Softball offers a blend of great coaching, player development /individual instruction at ESP, top level competition mixed with good old fashion fun. Expectations vary at each level, but you could potentially play 40-50 games at the 14u and under level and ~6-8 tournaments. Some tournaments could be out of state. Local mid-week development games could also be scheduled. At the 15u-18u levels, we will offer a college exposure opportunity after the high school season beginning around Memorial Day through late July. 

ESP Select Baseball is pleased to announce the following 2019-20 Teams and Coaches (as of August 15th):


ESP Select 9u Black - coached Scott Dudzienski (630-205-2100) – FULL
ESP Select 10u Black - coach Ben Anderson (630-862-4874) –Call for private tryout
ESP Select 11u Black - coach Tim Shaw (815-719-1330) – FULL
ESP Select 11u Red – coach Mike Eydenberg (815-671-7948) – FULL
ESP Select 12u Black - coach Dave Zebig (630-696-5731) – FULL
ESP Select 12u Red - coach Allan Terrutty (779-227-7652) – FULL
ESP Select 13u Black - coach Troy Schaumleffel (847-264-0814) – Call for private tryout
ESP Select 13u American – coach Kevin Lavery (630-926-0397) – FULL
ESP Select 13u Red - coach Ron Palermo (815-713-6843) – FULL
ESP Select 13u National – coach Noel Wolf (847-274-0935) – FULL
ESP Select 14u Black – coach Pat Caracci (630-346-3511) – Call for private tryout Wednesday, August 21st 6pm at ESP
ESP Select 14u American – coach Allan Platt (779-875-4581) - FULL
ESP Select 14u National – coach Joe Khazen (773-251-2575) – Call for private tryout
ESP Select 15u American – coach Sammy Hall (call Tadd Gibson 630-303-7585) – Call for Private Tryout
ESP Select 15u Black - coached by ESP Coach Scott Kelsch - FULL
ESP Select 16u Black - coach Dave Medlin (630-661-5612) & Mike Petak (708-262-9005) - Call for Private Tryout (PO Only)
ESP Select 16u Red - ESP Coach Gil Vega (773-213-3683) –Call for Private Tryout
ESP Select 16u American - coached by Frank Gregorio (630-803-1222) Call for Private Tryout (PO Only)
ESP Select 17u Black - coached by Scott Dudzienski (630-205-2100) & Nick Bailey (847-514-4368) - FULL
ESP Select 17u American coached by Brady Roberts (call Tadd 630-303-7585) Call for Private Tryout
ESP Select 18u Black - coached by ESP Coach (Tadd 630-303-7585) Call for Private Tryout.
*Returning 17u players don't have to tryout for 18u/just make deposit

Fall Showcase Teams

ESP 2020/2021s Showcase – coached by Sammy Hall/ass’t Rick Johnson
ESP 2022/2023s Showcase – coached by Dave Medlin/ass’t Carl Poedtke
*Priority to Fall players given to ESP Summer players/require both deposits


ESP Elite Softball 13/14u Black - coached by Brian Patel (773-392-4219) & Assisted by Brandy Milet (630-362-6769) - FULL
ESP Elite Softball 14u Black - coached by Joe Klingbeil (630-203-7811) - FULL
ESP Elite Softball 16u Black - coached by Bob Alesia (847-833-7201) - FULL

Softball Tryouts (all ages) are:

The following registration links for both Baseball & Softball:

Tryout information on teams, times and locations will be published periodically on our website and via eblast so please continue to check for updates on times and locations. The is a very fluid time of year in travel sports.

Roster spot will be secured with a non-refundable $500 deposit. The overall 2019-2020 cost varies by age group and amount of training varies between $1800 - $2750. I encourage everyone to attend multiple organizational tryouts to ensure the best fit for your son/your daughter. There is only a $10 Tryout Fee for non-returning ESP players – THIS FEE IS CASH/CHECK only at Tryouts you can’t pay on-line.

Please register via the above link and don't hesitate to call or text if you have questions. Openings are LIMITED. Hope to see you there and remember to register in advance!!

Tadd Gibson

Elite Sports Performance (ESP) Baseball & Softball Training
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Twitter: @Taddgibby24


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